3 Reasons Your High-End Furniture Needs A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Posted on: 25 May 2023

If you have high-end furniture that you invested in to last your family for many years, you may be nervous about putting your things in a storage unit when it becomes necessary. You'll want to learn the proper way to store different types of furniture to keep dust off and prevent damage. One of the most important things you can do is rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Here's why climate control is needed for luxury furniture.

1. Climate Swings Are Hard On Solid Wood

Wood expands and contracts along with shifts in temperature and humidity, and this leads to swelling and cracking. If your storage unit doesn't have climate control, the temperature and humidity will change inside the unit along with the outside conditions. This would be like storing your high-end furniture in a backyard shed or your garage at home.

A climate-controlled storage unit is different. The facility keeps the temperature and humidity within a safe range. There will be some fluctuations still but not enough to harm your furniture. If you're curious about the temperature range, ask someone at the facility, and they can let you know the minimum and maximum for both the humidity and temperature.

2. High Humidity Ruins Upholstery

If your upholstered furniture is exposed to high humidity for a long enough time, it can be ruined. Humidity damage is difficult to reverse. High humidity means there is water vapor in the air the fabric can absorb. This causes fibers to swell and become distorted. Dyes may run, and dark lines may appear on the fabric that are impossible to remove. When this happens, you may need to have your furniture reupholstered to restore its glamour.

Mold and musty odors can also be an issue for upholstered furniture due to the water vapor in the air. You can avoid humidity damage completely by renting a climate-controlled storage unit. The cost is higher than a unit with no climate control, but the expense is well worth it to protect valuable furniture.

3. Humidity Encourages Rust On Metal Furniture

Different metals begin to rust at different humidity levels. If you're planning to keep your belongings in storage for several weeks, that might be long enough to cause certain metal furniture to start to rust if it isn't kept in a climate-controlled storage unit. Another consideration is the temperature swing from the hottest time of the day to the lowest temperature at night. If the humidity stays constant, condensation can form, and that can lead to rust development.

Contact a facility that offers climate-controlled storage to learn more. 


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