Extreme Weather—Is Your Storage Unit Prepared?

Posted on: 13 October 2022

Self-storage facilities are an excellent way to provide a safe, secure home for things you can't store at home. But when extreme weather is imminent, can you make your unit even more protected? Yes, and here are a few ways to do just that. 

Check Your Locks

Good quality, secure locks are the first line of defense against wind, rain, snow, and vandals. Check your locks to ensure that they haven't deteriorated, that the keys work well, and that they're the most appropriate locks for your unit. Change these if you have any concerns. 

Find Out Emergency Plans

What are the emergency plans of the facility itself? Talk with staff or management about their protocols for such things as building damage, preventing looting after an emergency, and locking down the facility. Be certain they can contact you, and ask how they will communicate with customers. 

Remove or Add Stuff

What's in your storage unit? Is any of it irreplaceable, particularly fragile, expensive, or sensitive? Depending on the weather you face, you may feel better removing these and keeping them with you. On the other hand, if your storage unit is not in the direct path of storms or other extreme events, you may want to add more things to storage to protect them. 

Stabilize Your Goods

Walk around inside the unit and analyze how stable and solid your items are. Many people put boxes, bags, equipment, and furnishings into a storage unit in a haphazard manner. But how will it all fare if it is buffeted by wind, shaken by thunder, or hammered by rain? Reorganize to reduce the height of stacks, use more floor space, and reposition standing items. 

Raise Things Off the Floor

Many storms carry the risk of dangerous and damaging flooding. While you can't prevent all flooding, you can give your belongings their best chance by moving them off the floor. Use pallets as a base. Bring in tables, shelving, and even hanging racks to get other things away from potential water damage. 

Check Your Insurance

Once you've done all you can to ensure that your belongings ride out the bad weather safely, check your insurance policy to make sure they're covered. Most homeowners insurance policies extend to stored goods, but you may also be able to purchase additional insurance from the facility staff.

Where to Start

Not sure if your storage unit would be up to the task of managing severe weather? Start by meeting with the experienced staff at a quality storage facility in your chosen area. With their good planning and your diligence, all your things will emerge in the best possible condition.

Contact a local self-storage facility to learn more.  


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