3 Covered Storage Options For Your RV

Posted on: 12 July 2022

An RV gives you a lot of freedom when you want to take a vacation. You aren't stuck waiting for a hotel or trying to figure out what to do with any pets you want to take with you. But when you aren't using your RV, you want to ensure that it will be protected and safe. One way to do that is to use covered RV storage.  


One way to get covered RV storage is to buy a large enough carport for your RV and park it on your property. Carports come in different styles. You can get one that is a weatherproof fabric that is drawn over a metal frame. This carport style could have just the top covered, or the fabric could extend down the sides. That style would keep more weather off your RV and better protect it. The nice thing about this kind of carport is that it can be permanent or temporary. If you have it set up as a temporary structure, ensure you anchor the posts well. 

Self-Storage Facilities

Another option is to check out self-storage facilities in your area. Not all facilities will have vehicle storage, but some facilities will be big enough for you to store your RV. If you are going to use one of these facilities, make sure that you check to see what their requirements are for vehicle storage. For example, you may have to ensure that you have drained all the fluids from your RV before storing it in their facility. You may also have to pay an additional fee for storing a vehicle. 

RV Dealers

Many dealers offer storage for RV owners. Some dealerships will open up their storage to anyone who opens an RV, but others will only provide storage space to people who bought their RV there. Check out the dealerships near you and see if they have room for your RV and what their rules are. For example, they may only store it in the winter, which means you will have to find someplace else to keep your RV during the other months. 

If you have an RV that you love to use so that you can travel all over the country, then you want to make sure that it is well protected when you aren't driving it. You have several options concerning covered storage for your RV when you aren't using it. 

Contact a local RV storage service, such as Lewisville Executive RV and Boat Club, to learn more. 


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