How to Store Items in a Non-Climate Controlled Storage

Posted on: 19 August 2021

If you're about to start your school holiday, leaving your neighborhood for a few months for work, or your home is under renovation, you may need some space for storing your items. Non-controlled climate and climate-controlled storage are common storage options to consider. However, the former option is more affordable and an excellent choice. Here's how to store your belongings in non-climate controlled storage units.

Store Dry Items

Before placing your items in non-climate controlled storage, ensure that they're all dry. Excess moisture may encourage mold growth which may damage your valued property. Additionally, excess humidity may cause the rotting of your wooden furniture. Therefore, start by drying the items with an absorbent cloth and then leave the belongings to dry completely before placing them in boxes.

Pack the Items in Airtight Plastic Containers

Airtight plastic containers can protect your belongings better in non-climate controlled storage. The containers keep out humidity, ensuring that your items remain dry. Also, the seal prevents air from entering the containers. This is also an extra measure for preventing pests from thriving inside your storage area. If you're storing clothes, consider purchasing wardrobe boxes. The boxes protect your clothing against dust and humidity and prevent your clothes from wrinkling.

Dismantle Large Items

If you have large furniture such as beds that you can dismantle, you need to do so. That might be a lot of work, but dismantling is essential to protect your property. For instance, since non-controlled storage units may expose your belongings to fluctuating temperatures, your furniture may expand and contract, which may lead to cracking or warping. If you disassemble your items, they'll probably resist the damage.

Place Cedar Balls in the Storage Area

While storing your items in airtight containers protects your belongings against pests, you may still find some bugs or ants in your storage area. Also, rodents may access your storage and chew on your belongings. Cedar balls emanate a strong cedar smell that repels pests thereby keeping pests away from non-climate controlled storage.

Cover up All Items

Cover all the items with plastic sheets once you have arranged your items in the non-climate controlled storage. That helps protect your belongings against dust accumulation and physical damage such as scratches.

When storing your belongings in non-climate controlled storage, ensure that your store your items when dry, pack your belongings in airtight plastic containers, dismantle large items, use cedar balls and cover up all your belongings. Contact companies like Inland Boat and Storage to learn more. 


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