Beyond Traditional Storage Units: Unique Offers From Storage Facilities

Posted on: 14 August 2019

Traditionally, self-storage facilities offer storage units for the safekeeping of their client's belongings. However, traditional storage services have evolved to include several unique offerings. Below are some examples of unique services you can get from some self-storage facilities today.

Business Support Services

Some storage facilities offer different services to enable small businesses to run their operations from their storage units or from the premises of the storage facilities. Typical services include things like conference rooms, parking spaces, internet connection, water, and restroom facilities, among others. These services can be of great help to you if you are just starting a business and don't have enough money for a traditional commercial space; they are usually cheaper than traditional retail spaces.

Climate Control

Standard storage unit rentals are suitable for items that can't suffer weather-related damage. This is because even though standard storage units are protected from direct sunlight and rainfall or snowfall, they are not protected from temperature fluctuations or moisture. However, there are storage units that offer climate control (temperature and humidity), which you can use for sensitive and valuable items that require precise temperature and moisture control.

Drive-Up Storage

Just as the name suggests, drive-up storage involves storage units that you can drive into or units where you can drive right up next to the door. Drive-up storage allows ease of loading and unloading since you don't have to park the moving vehicle a long way from the unit. You can also use drive-up storage to store motorized or mobile equipment with wheels, such as lawnmowers, car trailers, recreational vehicles, and others.

Outdoor Storage

Not every item that goes to a storage facility goes inside storage units; some facilities offer outdoor storage. Outdoor storage is just a reserved area on the premises of a storage facility. You can park your car, motorcycle, or boat on the reserved area for the duration of the storage. Outdoor storage is typically cheaper than storage units, but the exposure to outside weather means outdoor storage is only suitable to those items that are not overly sensitive to weather elements or fluctuations.

Portable Storage

Lastly, some storage facilities also offer portable storage units. You can keep these storage units on your premises, or you can load them up in your home and move them to the storage facility for safekeeping. Portable storage is immensely convenient since they offer ease of loading, unloading, transportation, and access, among other benefits.


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