Tips For Storing Baby And Toddler Gear

Posted on: 23 May 2018

If your kids are a few years apart or if you plan to have more kids someday, then you probably have clothes, toys, and other kids items cluttering your home that are waiting to be used. You could free up space in your home by placing the things your children aren't using in storage. It will be protected and ready when you need it. Here are some tips for keeping baby and toddler gear in storage.

Wash Clothes First

Clothes should be cleaned before storing them, so they don't attract pests. Wash clothing with unscented laundry soap, so fragrances don't attract pests either. Then, fold and sort them by size, so you don't have to dig through everything to find what you want. Place a shelving rack in the storage unit and place tote bins on racks, so things are easy to find. Small bins allow you to keep things separate such as bibs, blankets, sleepers, and clothing. Consider buying clear bins so you can see inside and place labels on the outside describing what's in the container.

Take Gear Apart

You can store more things in a smaller space if you take them apart first. If you save all your baby gear for your next child, you could have a lot of equipment such as a swing, stroller, high chair, and crib. Place bolts and other small parts in zip bags and tape them to the crib so they'll be easy to find when you put the crib together again. Be sure all gear is clean and dry before storing so you can avoid problems with pests and humidity.

Seal Toys For Protection

You may want to store toys made of plastic or fabric that are easy to sanitize. Wash and dry them before putting them in storage and seal them in a storage tote rather than leave them open for bugs and other pests to crawl over. Choosing the right toys for storage is important because you'll want to disinfect them later, and wood and some cloth toys might be difficult to clean, or they might attract mold and be ruined.

In addition to storing clothing and gear that your kids have outgrown, so it doesn't take up space while waiting to be used again, you can also store seasonal items and clothing. This helps your home stay organized and free of clutter even when you have a busy house with kids. Just remember that items in storage are prone to damage from temperature swings, humidity, and bugs if you don't have climate control. Climate control isn't necessary, but if you don't have it, take extra precautions to protect the things you store.

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