Vehicle Storage: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 18 December 2017

Do you need to store a vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle, boat or RV? If you do not have a home garage, additional space or access to a private parking lot, you may need to consider a self-storage facility for your vehicle storage. Before you do, though, there are a few things that you should be aware of, including the different types of vehicle storage as well as the various features that you should look for as you search for self-storage units for your personal vehicle.

Types of Vehicle Storage

  • Outdoor Parking – With outdoor storage, the parking will be located on the property of the storage facility. As a general rule, it will be located within the perimeter of a security fence. If you are looking for a cheap and/or temporary storage solution for your vehicle, then this may be a good bet. However, you should not choose this option if you are storing an expensive or classic vehicle or live in an area where the climate is harsh.
  • Covered Parking – When you have a larger vehicle that you need to store, such as a boat or an RV, you may want to consider a covered parking storage spot. While it is true that these are still outdoors, these will provide more protection from weather elements than standard outdoor storage.
  • Indoor Parking – While this is the most expensive option among the types of vehicle storage solutions, indoor vehicle parking is the most convenient and the safest. Essentially, indoor parking is your own personal garage – you just pay for it. You will have your own storage unit that you will park your vehicle inside of. Here, it will remain safe from possible vandalism and theft and sheltered from weather elements.

Features of Vehicle Storage

  • 24/7 Access – You want to ensure that you have access to your vehicle whenever needed. Therefore, you will want to make certain that the storage facility where you store your vehicle has 24/7 accessibility for your convenience.
  • Close Proximity – Since you are not storing your vehicle at your home, you will want to make sure that the self-storage facility that you are doing business with is not too far away. After all, there is no reason you should have to drive across the city to get to your vehicle, which could be extremely inconvenience and dangerous during the inclement weather. So, make sure that you look for a storage facility that is located within close distance of your work and/or home.
  • Video Surveillance – You will also want to find a storage facility that has video surveillance of the entire property, as this will help to deter thieves and allows you to rest easy knowing that your vehicle has eyes on it at all times.
  • Electronic Gate Access – You have invested a lot of money into your vehicle, even if it isn't an antique, so you will want to look for a storage facility that has an electronic gate at its entry point. A facility with an electronic gate means that you will have a private code, which will need to be entered in before you can gain access to the facility. This also means that intruders are less likely to get into the property.

Creating A Great Storage Environment

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