Protect Your Items When Renting A Storage Unit

Posted on: 4 October 2017

When you store items in a closet, attic, or garage, you may not be able to stack boxes that high. This may happen because you have storage shelves and racks to minimize stacking. This allows you to access all the items quite easily, but it may not be what you experience in a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is beneficial when you need to expand your overall storage capacity.

To avoid a situation in which some of your possessions get damaged or destroyed, you should stock up on some supplies before you start moving items into the storage unit.

Medium-Sized Boxes

An essential item that you will want to get for the storage unit is medium-sized boxes. It is tempting to get larger boxes when you know that you have oversized items to store. But the problem is that these boxes are not that great for stacking, which is ideal in a storage unit. Your willingness to stack boxes will save you a lot of space and help you rent a smaller unit.

When you are filling up these boxes, you should make it a priority to fill them up completely. This will strengthen the boxes by preventing the boxes above from collapsing the ones below.

Bubble Wrap

While boxes provide decent protection for the items on the inside just from the exterior cardboard, you should not rely on it as your only safety measure. A valuable supply that you should use while packing up your items is bubble wrap. If you are working with an extra delicate box, you can even surround the inside of the box with bubble wrap to maximize protection.


While a storage unit is typically safe from pests and most elements, you should not use this knowledge as a reason to avoid protecting your oversized items. When you put a chair, couch, or mattress into storage, you should get a cover that is large enough to protect it all around.

It is a crucial step to take to keep a potential flood from damaging your possessions. Also, in the rare case that pests were to get inside, they would have a tough time getting to these large items. Since it is inevitable for dust to build up inside storage units, you will appreciate not having to thoroughly dust off each item before removing it and bringing it back into your home.

Some items that you use in a storage unit may seem like they are optional, but deeming these supplies essential will improve your overall experience, especially in the long run. For more tips for storing your items, contact a storage facility in your area, such as Stadium Storage.


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