Received A Letter To Clear Out Your Patio? Rent A Small Storage Unit To Fix The Problem

Posted on: 26 September 2017

Living in a condo means that you will need to follow certain rules set by the HOA. When you first move in, you may be familiar with the rules after just reviewing them. But, after a long while, you may forget about some of the restrictions, such as keeping the patio clear of storage.

The HOA may want to maintain a positive impression of the condo community. If a potential buyer were to walk by a unit and see numerous boxes inside a patio, it may push them away. It is a smart decision to rent a storage unit to keep your patio from being a storage place.

No Need to Rush a Decision

When you receive a letter from your HOA, you may be worried about the outcome. Instead of feeling rushed into a situation where you end up selling, donating, or throwing away your items without putting much thought into your decisions, you can relax and take your time. It is ideal to find a storage unit that is large enough to store all your possessions until further notice.

If your condo community has storage units of their own that they rent out to residents, you can call your HOA to figure out the costs and get on the waiting list if they are in your price range. The storage unit will give you an idea of how much space you need from condo storage.

Keep the HOA Happy

It is important to keep your HOA happy so that you can enjoy living in your condo. Some associations will want you to contact them as soon as you meet their request so they can inspect the situation. On the other hand, they may not want you to contact them and will just make a note to check your property when one of their employees has time and is in the vicinity.

Avoid Cluttering

One way to solve the problem is to bring all your stored items inside. But, this creates another issue in cluttering up your home. This can easily lead to stress in your household. It is best to avoid this situation by relying on a storage unit that can hold all your patio possessions.

While you may have been able to go without a storage unit for a long time, you will find that it can provide you with a quick and reliable solution when you need to store a lot of items.


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