Arranging Your Self-Storage Unit: Protecting And Organizing Your Valuables

Posted on: 26 September 2017

Self-storage units offer a convenient option for decluttering your home or simply storing unused items to free up space in the home. While your items are in storage, you'll want to take extra steps to ensure they are safe and protected from damage. Here are a few options you can use to protect your items while they are in self storage

Make An Inventory

Knowing what is in your self-storage unit can prevent you from having to rifle through your boxes to find a specific item, but it can also provide you with a bit of added protection as well. Make a list of the items stored inside, and consider taking pictures of any antiques or high-value items. You may be able to add the storage unit to your homeowner's insurance policy, which means you can file a claim in the event of theft or damage. Having a list of items and photo evidence can help you to file that claim. Keep the documentation in a safety deposit box so you can keep it safe and access it when you need it.

Stack Smart

You'll want to make sure that the boxes you store won't become damaged, and one way to do that is to stack smart. Place larger and heavier boxes on the bottom of each stack, and leave the lighter boxes on top. This can prevent fragile items from becoming crushed. Allow for a bit of free space between the walls of the unit and your boxes to allow air to circulate. If you are using freestanding shelving units, ask permission from the storage facility to use anchors on the walls to keep the shelves safely in place. You can use straps attached to the walls for this purpose.

Organize Furniture Hardware

It's a good idea to break down furniture whenever possible. Disassemble what you can, and place the hardware in small plastic containers or bags. Label each one, and take pictures of the assembled pieces. You can put the pictures in the containers or bags to help with assembly later on. Organize the hardware in a toolbox or tool chest so you have all the hardware you need in one convenient place.

Create Aisles

Stacking your storage unit from top to bottom and front to back means it will be hard to get to any items you need. As you fill the storage unit, create aisles you can walk through. Be sure that the aisles are wide enough to move your largest boxes through. If you don't take this extra step, you may still have to remove all of your boxes to get to items stored in the back of the unit.

Take some time to create a self-storage strategy to arrange your items before you move in. With a bit of planning, you can help to keep your self-storage unit organized and easy to access.


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