Necessary Features For Electronics In Storage

Posted on: 13 September 2017

If you're looking for a self storage facility to keep your old, new, or simply too big to permanently use electronics, you need to know what will keep everything in great shape while you're away. Keeping away dust and humidity are vital, and you need to make sure that valuable electronics are safe from thieves who would be drawn like flies if they figure out what you're keeping. Here are a few necessary features to help you pick out a storage facility that will protect your electronics the best.

Air Conditioning Brings Dust And Humidity Control As Well

Although air conditioning is becoming a common feature of modern storage facilities, it isn't guaranteed. Don't be confused by air conditioning in the front office; make sure that air conditioning is supplied to the storage units as well.

In addition to preventing heat damage such as warped circuit boards or melted solder, air conditioning filters out some humidity as a passive process. Moisture is sucked in through the air conditioning system and cooled to the point of becoming frost or condensing into larger liquid deposits (drops, puddles, etc). This will reduce the risk of corrosion, or at least slow down corrosion.

Dust control is another great feature of air conditioning units, but you'll need to make sure that the facility replaces filters on a regular basis. Ask to see the filters just to gauge their maintenance abilities, and make sure that the filters are not torn or bent. Allowing dust and other debris to enter through larger-than-designed openings defeats the purpose of the filter.

If you notice problems with the filters, try to visit the facility at least every other month to make sure that cleanliness practices are continuing.

Security Features For Anything Worth Reselling

If your goods would fetch a nice price at a pawn shop, they're worth putting under surveillance. Cameras are better than just locks, so be sure that the video recording features are working.

Visit the storage facility during the day and stand in view of the cameras. Take note of the date and time as you stand there, then ask the facility management to show surveillance video from that time period. If you're not in the video from any of the cameras, they may be using stock videos to save money from not using real cameras.

Security guards are an option, but know that you may be paying more for their service as it becomes a part of the greater fee. To be worth that cost, make sure that the security guards are on a 24 hour rotation or work during night hours.

Contact a self storage facility to discover other features to protect your valuable electronics.


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